At Capital Relations, we help cities and communities grow and prosper by delivering support for the creative, digital and tech-enabled economy.

We specialise in digital economic development and public private partnerships, set within the context and understanding of place. We appreciate  how the interplay between quality of place and social,  business and knowledge networks is so crucial to economic and cultural prosperity. We make this interplay work.

We work with government, business, educators and local networks to connect all parts of the economic ecosystem, and create sustainable, prosperous communities. To do this, we apply the Capital Relations methodology, known as
 Consult. Connect. Catalyse.

Consult - we listen, define and understand the challenges of the place, company or community.

Connect - we bring together diverse perspectives and key stakeholders to formulate the appropriate solution . We engage, translate, communicate and mediate.

Catalyse - we devise and launch the required action plan, and deliver projects which are grounded in a shared vision and partnership.


For Educators

Capital Relations is a trusted advisor to vocational skill providers, and Further and Higher Education institutions. We understand academic and educational needs, and translate them into a language and agenda that business ‘just gets’.

The ‘tech talent crisis’ is the primary constraint on the digital economy, so we engage educators as crucial players in the economic ecosystem.

For Communities and Places

Extensive urban regeneration experience drives our instinct for finding new solutions and establishing innovative partnerships that improve places and quality of life.

We advise place makers and property developers on making cities, towns and premises attractive and sustainable for tech startups and scale-ups.

For Digital Business

We have strong relationships with digital business leaders and key workers in Manchester, London and across the north of England. The company is led by Coral Grainger, who is the Techstars Community Leader for Manchester and has long standing, trust based relationships with digital leaders across the UK and beyond.

We help businesses to start, settle and scale in the community. 


Supremely well-networked, nurturing great ideas, bringing people and opportunities together; if you want something amazing to happen, call Coral.

Steve Connor, Chief Executive, Creative Concern